Shaffa Kosher Night19 December 2022

by CK on December 8, 2022 in Licencees

The second Shaffa Kosher pop-up is on 19 December 2022.  

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Shaffa – More dates to come!

by CK on December 1, 2022 in Licencees

Following the very successful first pop-up kosher event, Shaffa told CK they are looking to organise more events. Stay tuned for dates and booking details.  

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Shaffa Kosher Night – 21 Nov 2022

by CK on October 31, 2022 in Licencees

  We welcome Shaffa to the CK family. Erez and his team will offer fully kosher events in their restaurant in Surry Hills under the supervision of CK Rabbis and Mashgichim. First event on Monday 21 November 2022

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Moriah College supervised by Community Kashrut

by CK on July 28, 2020 in Licencees

  Community Kashrut is pleased to announce that the canteen at Moriah College in Queen’s Park is under its supervision. All food prepared and served at the premises meets the standards of “Kosher Pas Israel”.

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Paesanella Fresh Cheese certified Kosher

by CK on May 21, 2020 in Licencees, Uncategorised

          CK is pleased to announce kosher certification for Paesanella Fresh Cheese range widely available as of May 2020 at Coles, IGA, Harris Farm and Aldi. ALL PAESANELLA CHEESES ARE KOSHER IN ALL

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