Community Kashrut wishes the community a CK – Chag Kasher ve’sameach!

Thank you for your encouragement and support. It is a blessing to be able to serve this community in the vital area of kashrut.

The CK advises that it has now removed its Hechsher from Shuk Bakery.

The original Hechscher was granted based on compliance with certain principles, one of which was an understanding that Shuk Bakery would close over Pesach. Over the year Shuk Bakery expanded its operations beyond their expectations and as Pesach approached the CK has been advised that Shuk Bakery will not close over Pesach.

The decision has been taken after consultation by the CK Va’ad haRabbanim with Poskim overseas.

CK has been informed that Shuk Bakery plans further expansion, including renovations to the bakery. We will maintain contact to determine whether a hechsher can be granted in the future.


Community Kashrut is a community based, not-for-profit organisation created to serve the NSW and wider community with all of its kosher supervision needs.

Our mission is to increase kashrut observance across the NSW Jewish Community, by making kashrut more accessible and desirable. We will act in the most efficient and transparent way we can in listening to and serving all areas of the community.